BOUGAINVILLE PHOTOS: Enlargement - click on image

Abigael and Anna with Moses Havini, Buka June
BWPF executive July 2005


BWPF farewells Corso Josie, Abigael, Grace, Anna, July 2005
Anna at work in the jungle


BWPF at work
Arawa Bay


Josie Sirivi and daughter Melanie
Melanie(left) and Imelda (right), Josie Sirivi's daughters with there cousins


Celebration of first government Buka June 2005
BWPF women celebrate their new autonomous government, June 2005


Rose voting in the first autonomous election
Rosemary Dikaung and son Jamie


Rosemary Dikaung, son Jamie, Abigael Vogt and Lucy Madoi May 2005
Sam Kauona former genreal of the Bougainville Revolutionary army


Community workshop Arawa June 2005
Celebration of the first Autonmous Goverment, Arawa June 2005

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